You’ll need a verified MyGovID account to renew your Public Services Card.

Why renew your Public Services Card?

The Public Services Card assists you in accessing a range of public services in an easy and safe manner. If you are a Free Travel customer, an in date Public Services Card is required for you to use this service.

To ensure no interruption in services you are advised to renew your Public Services Card before it expires.

Click here to learn more about the Public Services Card

Who can renew their Public Services Card using MyWelfare?

You can renew your Public Services Card online if:

  • You have a Public Services Card that is due to expire in the next 90 days or which has already expired
  • You are 18 years of age or over
  • You live in any of the 32 counties of Ireland
  • You have informed the Department about any change to your name since your last Public Services Card was issued

What kind of photo do I need to upload?

The photo must meet the same standards as that of a passport photograph. 

The photo must:

  • Have a plain, light-coloured background (Patterned/panelled backgrounds are not acceptable).
  • Have face and eyes fully visible with no glasses worn. Please look directly at the camera.
  • Not be a photo of a photo.
  • Have even lighting and no shadows.
  • Have a plain facial expression and mouth closed.
  • Your head should occupy 70-80% of the photograph.
  • There should be at least a small margin between your head and the edge of the photo.
  • Be in the original JPEG format (not compressed).
  • Be in colour.
  • Be 5MB or less.
  • Be at least 450W x 600H pixels.
  • Be in portrait format (3:4 ratio).

What is a 3:4 ratio photo?

A 3:4 aspect ratio photo is one that is slightly taller than it is wide, such as a passport photograph. In terms of pixels, a photo with the dimensions; 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels in height (600 x 800), for example, would be a 3:4 ratio photograph.

Depending on your device you may have different apps or options available to you in order to crop your photo, if required, to the 3:4 aspect ratio.

What do I need to do to renew my Public Services Card?

You must have a verified MyGovID account

You can verify your account on MyGovID.

Confirm your personal details

For security we will need you to confirm your personal information is correct.

Confirm your address

We will need to confirm that you’re living at the same address.

Upload a recent digital photo

You will be asked to upload a recent photograph that meets particular criteria similar to a passport photograph.

Learn more about taking a good photo

Why do I need to provide a recent photo?

Your photograph will appear on your Public Services Card. As a number of years have passed since your last card was issued, a new photograph is required that reflects your current appearance.

What should I do if my Public Services Card is lost?

If your Public Services Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you should immediately contact the Public Services Card Helpdesk at 0818 837000

How is the information provided for my Public Services Card stored?

For more information on how the government stores personal information please visit SAFE registration.

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You’ll need a verified MyGovID account to renew your Public Services Card.