March/April Payments

Due to the Public & Bank Holidays in March and April, payment dates are different. In order to ensure you receive payments on time this month, follow the below guidelines to submit your work patterns correctly. Make sure to click submit and wait for the thank you message before each deadline.

The easiest way to avoid any disruption to your payment is;

  • Jobseekers Benefit customers (Wednesday signers) , After signing for the 10th of March, you will need to log on again between              the 11th – 17th March to provide your work pattern due to the 17th of March being a Public Holiday. You will be asked to provide this work pattern in advance.
  • All Part-Time Jobseekers will be required to enter their pattern weekending 16th/17th of March by 17th
  • Due to the Bank/Public Holidays on 2nd & 5th of April all Part-Time Jobseekers will be required to enter their work pattern for 30th /31st of March by 1st of April.

If you are unable to provide your expected work pattern before this deadline, you can still submit as normal each week. However, that week’s payment will be delayed. You should submit your pattern and contact your local office in this case.

If there were any changes to the expected work pattern you submitted, you should provide the details in the “Change of Circumstances” question at your next signing day.